Driving School

The OT Group is a registered NDIS provider offering Specialised Driver Training with tailored driving lessons for participants across Victoria.

Your ability to drive safely may be influenced by many factors. The OT Group use specially trained highly experienced Occupational Therapists which can assist people who want to return to safe driving following an illness, injury, or long period without driving.

It is a five-step process that involves an off-road assessment, an on-road assessment and post completion, the submission of a comprehensive report to VicRoads. 

It is advised that you peruse the VicRoads website link below, to further understand the process in more detail prior to assessment.


Step 1

Obtain a VicRoads medical report from your GP

In order to begin your Driving School journey with The OT Group, you must first obtain a VicRoads’ medical report from your General Practitioner which is now done online at the following link:


Please note, all medical reports need to be dated within the last six months. Should you have a psychiatric condition or eyesight condition, VicRoads may also require additional psychiatric and eyesight reports.

Step 2

Fill out the referral form below

Once you have obtained the VicRoads’ medical report from your General Practitioner, you will need to fill out the referral form at the bottom of this page. 

You will need to attach a copy of the following;

1. Medical report to be submitted to VicRoads by Doctor, treating Hospital or Clinician.
2. Current copy of drivers licence – both sides.
3. Letter or copy of documentation from VicRoads.

The OT Group will forward your details onto VicRoads who will then give clearance to proceed with the Driving Assessment. This process can take several weeks. 


Step 3

Off Road Assessment

Our Off Road Driving Assessment is the first real step towards gaining your independence via mobility. These can take up to 1.5 hours and usually consist of the following:

  • An interview to collect information regarding your medical and driving history.
  • A vision and hearing test.
  • A physical, medication, sensory and cognitive screen.
  • A written and visual road law test.
  • Duration 1 – 1.5 hours

Step 4

On Road Assessment

Our On Road Assessment is carried out in our dedicated OT Group Driving School vehicle. We use modern, safe and easy-to-drive vehicles with the latest in control modification (if required).

Our vehicles are dual controlled and your On Road Assessment will be carried out with our Driving Instructor in the passenger seat of the vehicle, and you will also have an Occupational Therapist in the vehicle with you.

We ensure your safety (and ours) at all times, and we will provide you with feedback at the end of the assessment. A report to VicRoads can also be submitted if applicable.

Here’s some quick facts about our On Road Assessment.

  • Completed with a Driving Instructor in a dual controlled car.
  • Both automatic and manual cars are available.
  • The vehicle maybe fitted with additional specialised equipment (for example, left foot accelerator, hand controls, etc).
  • The Occupational Therapist is seated in the back seat and will observe your ability to drive.
  • The Occupational Therapist and Driving Instructor will provide you with feedback at the end of the assessment. Also discussed will be recommendations that may affect your driving and what will be included in the report to VicRoads.

Step 5

Post Assessment Outcome

Once your Assessment has been completed, we will provide VicRoads with an Occupational Therapist driver evaluation report with recommendations. Your report provided by our Occupational Therapists may recommend one of the following:

  • You are safe to drive, and we will advise VicRoads to re-instate your license. Please note this
    can take up to two weeks to be processed.
  • Your safety in controlling the vehicle requires improvement. Driving lessons are to be organised and a retest post these arranged when suitable.
  • Specialised equipment is required to be fitted to your car e.g., hand controls. This may require further lessons to learn how to drive the vehicle with the new controls and retest.
  • You are safe to drive given licence restrictions e.g., no night driving or local area only.
  • It is un-safe for you to continue driving at this stage; therefore, VicRoads will be advised your licence will be suspended or cancelled.

For NDIS participants who hold a Learner license, we complete an off and on road assessment, we then send NDIA a quote for approval for ongoing lessons. Approval from NDIA can take up to several months to obtain and we cannot proceed until approval is granted.

Licence Types

Depending on your Post Assessment Outcome, VicRoads may provide you with one of three types of drivers licences, as below:

  1. Open Road Licence
    Driving without restrictions.
  2. Local Area Licence
    Travelling locally to doctors, shops and essential needs.
  3. Conditional Licence
    Both the open road and local area license can be subject to conditions depending on
    the safe driving requirements need, e.g., Must drive with glasses, unable to drive at
    night, must drive with hand controls.

Fee Structure

NDIS Clients

NDIS on and off road, and mandatory NDIS vehicle modifications reports are charged at the NDIA hourly rate of $193.99 from Improved Daily Living Funds for the Occupational Therapist’s component of the assessment/program. The first lesson for the Specialised Driving Instructor is an out of pocket fee of $120. Once a baseline assessment is conducted, a quote for ongoing specialised driving instructor lessons are sent into NDIA for approval for ongoing lessons to be funded by NDIA.

Please note, the goal for obtaining your drivers’ licence needs to be listed as a goal on your current NDIS plan in order to commence an OT driving program funded by NDIS.

Private Clients

Please note, payment is due prior to commencement.

Driving School Referral Form

Please fill out the below form to begin your Driving School journey with The OT Group. Before you begin, please ensure you have the following ready to upload at the end of this form:

1. Medical report to be submitted to VicRoads by Doctor, treating Hospital or Clinician.
2. Current copy of drivers licence – both sides.
3. Letter or copy of documentation from VicRoads.

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